What made me become an interpreter

If you have a leaning for something, there are thousands of ways to get distracted, but in the end, you'll return to that "place" where you always belonged. That's my story, the story of a child who became enchanted by the colorful variety inherent to foreign languages. Gestures, words, sounds, accents, cultures... And this passion for foreign languages filled me with the desire to travel and discover ethnic and linguistic diversity, then the desire to work with these cultures and transact with them. This was the inspiration for my translation and interpreting agency.
I experienced the challenge of interpreting at the young age of 14 during one of my trips to Italy. Later, after finishing school, I studied law, though, without ever neglecting to study foreign languages. I took several language courses, focusing on Spanish, followed by a three-year Italian university course in Austria. I earned my second degree in translation and interpreting in Italy.
Why do I now live in Catania? A European Erasmus scholarship brought me to this beautiful city, where I spent an entire year. I returned years later and decided to stay for good here today, devoting myself to translations, with a clear focus on legal documents and interpreting.