Ute Maria Krampl

Interpreter, translator and language trainer

Italian, German, English, Spanish

Graduated in Law (Austria, Karl Franzens Graz University) and in Interpreting & Translation Studies (Italy, CIELS Padua)

From an early age she was fascinated by other countries and foreign languages, and so began a great passion for travel and the study of languages. With the Erasmus programme she studied for one year at the University of Catania (Faculty of Law). She had a three-year experience in the legal field as a practicing lawyer in Italy. In addition to Italian, she dedicated herself to the study of the Spanish language, most recently with various stays in Spain and in various Latin American countries (in particular: Argentina and Uruguay). A degree in Translation and Interpreting obtained at the CIELS University of Padua with a study stay abroad at the Austral University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, while researching her thesis. Since 2007 she has been working as a translator and interpreter with a special focus on the legal field. Sworn translator (CTU and Court expert of Catania) for Italian, German, Spanish and English. She also runs German and Italian courses for foreigners in Catania.