Legal & language assistance service


We perform legal translations and language assistance in the legal field. We can, for example, process and / or translate your contracts. Should any legal question arise, do not hesitate to contact us. We work with a very competent team of lawyers.

 We will assist you in legal affairs from the preparatory phase, to negotiations and the signing of the contract.



We have a great deal of experience in translation from and into German, but also into English and Spanish and from the languages above into Italian for the following documents in the legal field:

CONTRACTS AND LEGAL TEXTS (attorney, court records such as summonses, complaints, memories, statements of defense, judgments; purchase contracts; leases, procurement contracts, employment contracts and letters of appointment, labor-law rights documents civil; corporate actions; divorce decrees; notarial deeds; patent registration and various documents in the field of intellectual property; certified company registration; contracts of sale of the company, contracts casting, investment contracts, etc.)

CERTIFICATIES various, including birth certificates, residence certificates, school report, diplomas and degrees, certificate of pending work, certificate of ownership (car) etc.

ARTICLES and publications in the legal sector
We provide interpretation services with expertise in both languages and law, mainly in the languages Italian, German, Spanish and English, but also in French, Portuguese and Romanian and, upon request, in other languages.

We also work with a network of lawyers and other law professionals. Our professional translations are crafted with the same care the lawyer put into the original draft.
We are perfectionists! We do not leave anything to chance and we perform each translation with the utmost care and diligence.

Translating a legal document requires thorough knowledge of the law and the specific legal issues in question; otherwise serious errors may occur in the translation. Any text can prove challenging, but none more so than a contract or legal text where one word may change the meaning of the entire text. Who better than a jurist to work on the translation of such sensitive documents?

 Why choose us? 

– Native speaker-principle: Every translator translates only into the own language. That guarantees an authentic translation.

– Principle of expertise: all employees are jurists (graduates of law) and / or lawyers with excellent language skills. Who better than a lawyer-translator to take care of your translation. Our translations are performed with the same care that you placed in the drafting of the original text. We are experts in “Legalese,” but when necessary, we can also convert a particularly challenging text into a simple one. You choose! We’ll be happy to produce a text of the highest quality.

– Principle of “four eyes”

“Four eyes are better than two.” This is our philosophy. A job performed by a single person can still contain oversights. This principle

It helps prevent errors. Our translations are performed by our expert and then checked before delivery. Quality is important to us!

– Privacy: Your personal information is safe with us. We care so much! So you can rest assured that we work not only with the greatest care, but also with the absolute confidentiality and confidentiality to our clients.

– Consulting: In addition to translation services, we are also able to process the text and offer legal advice. We carry out an initial analysis, and with your consent, submit specific questions to our legal advisors.

You might also be wondering …  is this specialized service very costly? If the cost were relative to years of education and training we have invested to get here, it should be. However we use technology and other factors, primarily that of close collaboration with professionals, that allow us to reduce our fixed costs in order to work with the customer: you are paying for specialized service, without disappointments, mistakes, or erroneous translations … but always at a competitive price, because it comes from us directly without any intermediaries.

– We have a flexible schedule that does not follow fixed business hours – so we can respond to our customers’ need seven outside traditional business hours to be at your service 24 hours a day. We have employees around the world, so we can also take advantage of time zones: it may be 7:00 pm in Rome, but our collaborator in Buenos Aires has just finished lunch and is getting to work.

– Enthusiasm: Our team is composed of people who do their work with great dedication. We are united by the spirit of collaboration and enthusiasm for our work. A work done with dedication is in itself a masterpiece.

– You can reach us via Skype and WhatsApp to save on telephone bills. We also offer distance courses in German and Italian on Skype and interpreting or remote consulting. If you prefer, of course you can call us on the phone!


Language and Sicilian cooking courses in Catania/Sicily. Interpreting services in Italy and Austria.

Via the Internet we are available around the world: the translations will be sent via e-mail and if necessary, you will receive the original (for example, in the case of sworn translations) via registered mail.

When it comes to services performed on site, we are operating in the following countries and in the following locations:

ITALY  Throughout the territory and in particular in the following cities:

– Catania – Rome – Padua  –  Trieste


– Klagenfurt – Graz – Wolfsberg – Vienna


– Buenos Aires – Cordoba