Since 2007, Traduzione24 has been providing quality translation and interpreting services in German and other foreign languages as well as language courses.

The company’s owner and founder, Ute Maria Krampl, is a native German speaker, born in Austria, and has lived for many years in Italy.

Dott.ssa Ute Maria Krampl

Degrees in Law (4-Year Masters, Austria) and Linguistic Mediation (3-Year Bachelors, Italy)


“I became a specialist in translation because of my lifelong love of languages. As a child, I was fascinated with foreign language and travel. And at 14, my passion was cemented when I took up the impromptu role of interpreter on one of my trips to Italy.

After high school, I enrolled in the Faculty of Law while simultaneously pursuing my linguistic interests. I took various courses in Spanish and began a three-year course of study of the Italian language in my native country, Austria. The European study-abroad program “Erasmus” led me to live for a year in Catania, where years later, I decided to return, devoting my time to both the practice of law and translation, with a focus in legal subjects.

I also dedicated myself to the study of Spanish, with several stays in Spain and South American countries. After six months of travel in South America (Peru, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile and Bolivia), I returned to Italy.  Although I had worked for many years in the translation and interpreting industry, I wanted to invest further in my training, to enhance existing knowledge and to extend it linguistically. To that end, I completed a course in “Linguistic Mediation for Diplomatic and International Organizations” at the Institute for Linguistic Mediators of Padua CIELS in German, Spanish and English. All lectures were conducted in the local language, Italian. Italian is now my second language. To work on my thesis, I moved to Buenos Aires, where for six months, I dedicated myself to the study of Spanish language and literature, and English language.

When it comes to translations into Italian, I employ the services of qualified translators whose native language is Italian, as it is not my native tongue.

This is to guarantee the best for my customers.

I manage translations in the legal sector and various other disciplines and, thanks to an extensive network of professionals, I am able to provide assistance in many other language combinations, in various locations throughout the world.

Great passion and great dedication for translation led me to create Tr@duzione24.”